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2008 Writing Round-Up

2008 Writing Round-Up

Dénoument Yukimura/Sanada + others, NC17 Sanada is a girl. And Yukimura happens to like girls.

The first fic of a genderswitch verse I mulled over for ages. 28 000 words

We'll Always Have Kanagawa Yukimura/Sanada + others, NC17 Sanada is a girl. Yukimura kinda likes it.

Really, really. Yukimura POV of the verse. He plays a lot of tennis and hangs out with Andy Roddick. 26 000 words.

Lesser of Two Evils Marui + Niou + Avril Lavigne, PG13ish Marui has a tough decision to make. More Marui + Niou "antifriendship" 869 words

Helping Hand Niou/Sanada, NC17 Sometimes, you need a friendly helping hand. 1635 words


Extracurricular Shitenhoji Gen, G In which Shitenhoji don't do much and wanders around Osaka.

Zaizen is racist, tsk tsk. 1883 words

Love is a Many Tentacled Thing Yukimura/Sanada, NC17 Sanada experiences a sea change in order to begin a relationship with Yukimura. Can he balance his secrets, the Rikkai Dai tennis club, and still achieve his goal? Written for [ profile] balls_it_up

So basically, Sanada is a sea monster and some people don't find the beauty in it. Their loss. 47 000 words

100% Woman Yanagi/Kirihara, NC17 Akaya shows up at Renji's one night, but something is up.

The fuck was I on when I wrote this? There's boobies. 2000 words

The Best Damn Thing Jackal/Marui, PG Marui doesn't like Jackal's girlfriend. 7600 words

Shibuya 109 Niou Kirihara, NC17 Eight months later, and Kirihara is more confused about Niou than ever.

The sequel that was never intended to be written ended up…being written. Sequel to Six Percent Doki Doki 32 000 words

Hatsukoi Sanada/Yukimura, NC17 First love, Sanada and Yukimura-style. 18 965 words

On Co-Ed Teams Marui + Genius + Co-Ed Tennis Teams, G Marui believes in co-ed teams. No one else, however, does. 788 words


Accidentally All Right Kirihara/Yanagi + others, NC17 Kirihara discovers something about Yanagi-senpai. Guess he's a chick, too.

Aw, the Kirihara/Yanagi side of the genderswitch verse. It's not all crotchless panties and oral sex, really. There's also tennis and angst and betrayal. Not that Kirihara lets it stop him! 24 000 words

Meow Mix Yukimura + Sanada + Pussy, PG Sanada is a fan of pussy. Yukimura is not. Get your minds out of the gutter. 1167 words

Frillbutt Panties Kirihara + Yukimura, PG Kirihara and frillbutt panties are gross. Tarundoru. 1036 words

Starbucks Troika Sanada + Yukimura + Yanagi + Starbucks, G. Self-explanatory. 1001 words

Stay Yagyuu-centric, R Niou disappears one day. Yagyuu isn't sure if he cares. Written for [ profile] rikkai_exchange

The way the fic was labelled for the fest really displeased me and gave away too much, imo, since the pairings were meant to be explored, not dumped out ahead of time for the reader. 8800 words

Flawless Sanada/Niou + Yagyuu, R Switching + Sanada = NOTP. Poor sod. Also involves gross school squat toilets 1106 words

Falter Atobe + Tezuka, Gish Tezuka's going to go pro. Atobe's left behind. 3000 words

Kizuna Bonds Baba-centric, Rish Baba and Masa share some kizuna bonds. And then some.

This makes sense to like, only myself and [ profile] doingfirst. Nothing floats my boat like writing offensive, scatological fic that makes fun of a) RPS shippers and b) Fufukawa Yuta. 4800 words

Tomodachi 2 Tomodachi Baba-centric, Rish Tomodachi mean everything to Baba and Masa.

Basically, a more offensive sequel to the above fic, this time involving Aiba Hiroki's scary red pants and a hot times party~! whatevs :P 4200 words

A General Nuisance Niou/Kirihara + Urayama, PGish Niou is being a general nuisance. 1796 words

Thus Spoke Atobe Atobe-centric, PGish Atobe may have found his soulmate. Or not.

Atobe is straight. Oshitari is a pest. The Greek is all googled. I love Inoue Masahiro's Atobe more than you. 4600 words

Rewind Forward (also on [ profile] reposte, update with final link will be later) Yagyuu/Niou, NC17 Niou, meet Yagyuu.

So basically, in addition to being longer than Diana Gabaldon books (no lie), this fic involves Niou. Hating megane dorks. And then deciding they might be okay after all. And then other shit happens and it's tough times being a teenager. 155 284 written in 2008 (366 000+ words total)

Push/Pull Yagyuu/Niou, NC17 Niou is a girl, and everything pushed to the edge.

The D1 side of the genderswitch verse—and originally, this was the first pairing whose story I came up, but the last to be written. It's not all about clown cars and dentist school. Too bad more people didn't check it out. 83 986 words

Mystery Fic

You all know what this is. 21 000 words

Total Number of Fics: 25, of which all but 2 were Tenipuri
Total 2008 Wordcount: 482 516, which is up from the 406 221 in 2007

…how do I even respond to that? It's time to start charging :|

Favourite: Dénoument.

The Best: Dénoument. It flowed so well during the writing process. And it was my favourite to write because it was so little effort when everything just fit.

Most underappreciated by the universe: Either Rewind Forward, or Push/Pull. It's not that people don't read them, it's obviously these fics are worth that little that 98% of readers can't be bothered to leave a comment. *grumble grumble*

Most fun to write: Either of the Tenimyu-verse pieces. I'm sick like that.

Sexiest: Dénoument. Tittyfucking.

"Holy crap, that's wrong even for you": Bulemic!Ouji in Tomodachi 2 Tomodachi. Well, basically, that entire fic.

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Push/Pull Marui (;_____;) or Rewind Forward.

Hardest to do: Rewind Forward. It just never ended!!

Biggest disappointment: Push/Pull. Or the [ profile] rikkai_exchange fic, since a) wankery and b) the recipient didn’t like it so much and pooh-poohed all my original, fun ideas.

Biggest surprise: When [ profile] aiwritingfic commented that she felt We'll Always Have Kanagawa was better than Dénoument. …o.0

Alternatively, writing more Hyoutei after seeing the myu.

Most telling: RF. It told me that I can completely do that much, and better.

I regret, however, nothing!

Plans for 2009:
Truthfully? Nothing. Because I spend the equivalent time of a JOB on writing fic that I could instead be a) making money or b) something more productive with my time. It's tiring. If I commit myself to writing something at this point, and I fail to deliver, I'll be disappointing myself because I hate not following-through with things. Of course I will write—I enjoy it too much! I make a habit of doing it daily! I just am going to keep it to myself what exactly.

Besides, maybe I'll be inspired for something new, fic-wise, or of the original genre. Who knows?

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