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It is nearly time for The Final Match Rikkai! And goods have just been announced. :D

Being disappointed with the lack of options for buying merchandise for past myus--and since we happen to be going myself this summer--[ profile] doingfirst and I am offering myu goods for sale!

All prices are $USD and include international shipping. $1 USD = ~90 yen

Pamphlet B4 Size $30

Poster B2 Size $15 (extra shipping in price for the poster tube)

Photosets $10
1.Character training shot. 2. Character summer uniform Shot 3. Yukata prince shot. 4. [Longing] gaze shot.

Sets include original memo pad. A5 size.

Seigaku 5th cast $85 (10 photosets)

Rikkai $95 (11 photosets)

Shitenhoji A $70 (8 photosets)

Shitenhoji B $64 (7 photosets)

Character File A4 Size $7 (each)

Seigaku 5th cast
Shitenhoji A
Shitenhoji B


Seigaku 5th cast
Takahashi Ryuki as Ryoma Echizen
Baba Ryouma as Kunimitsu Tezuka
Arai Yusuke as Sadaharu Inui
Hashimoto Taito as Syuusuke Fuji
Takazaki Shota as Eiji Kikumaru
Tsujimoto Yuki as Shuichiro Oishi
Cho Ikko as Takashi Kawamura
Nobeyama Toshihiro as Takeshi Momoshiro
Hayashi Akihiro as Kaoru Kaidoh
Maruyama Shun, Hirai Hiroki, and Takahashi Rio as the Ichinen trio

Toshiki Masuda as Yukimura Seiichi
Kanesaki Kentarou as Sanada Genichirou
Yamaoki Yuuki as Yanagi Renji
Ookawa Genki as Kirihara Akaya
Baba Toru as Yagyuu Hiroshi
Nakagauchi Masataka as Niou Masaharu
Acaba Mio as Marui Bunta
Toda Shingo as Kuwahara Jackal
Nishimura Mitsuaki as Kirihara Akaya (support cast)
Onoda Ryunosuke as Yagyuu Hiroshi (support cast)
Wada Taisuke as Niou Masaharu (support cast)

Shitenhoji A
Harukawa Kyousuke as Kuranosuke Shiraishi
Isogai Ryuuko as Senri Chitose
Nishiyama Takeya as Koharu Konjiki
Hirano Ryo as Yuji Hitouji
Uehara Takuya as Kenya Oshitari
Hirose Yuusuke as Gin Ishida
Satou Hisanori as Hikaru Zaiken
Kido Yuya as Kintaroh Toyama

Shitenhoji B
Sasaki Yoshihide as Kuranosuke Shiraishi
Ooyama Masashi as Senri Chitose
Iizumi Manabu as Koharu Konjiki
Uenobori Makoto as Yuji Hitouji
Mizuta Kouki as Kenya Oshitari
Yoneyama Yuuta as Gin Ishida
Kawaharada Takuya as Kintaroh Toyama

Also available to interested buyers are (depending on stock availability):

The Progressive Match 比嘉 feat. 立海  Pamplet
The Imperial Presence 氷帝 feat. 比嘉  Pamphlet
The Imperial Presence 氷帝 feat. 比嘉  10月以降国内版 Pamphlet
The Treasure Match 四天宝寺 feat. 氷帝  Pamphlet
The Treasure Match 四天宝寺 feat. 氷帝  Poster
Dream Live 4th  Pamphlet
Dream Live 5th  Pamphlet
Dream Live 6th  Pamphlet
Dream Live 5th  Poster
Dream Live 6th  Poster

Please inquire for the price of the above.

Estimated shipping date for goods: August 15-17, 2009

SAL/airmail shipping is included in the price. All packages will be sent in bubble envelopes (photosets/pamphlets) or tubes (posters). SAL generally takes 1-2 weeks to reach an international destination from Japan.

If you prefer, you can ship your package via EMS. Please include a note in your order if you prefer this shipping method. EMS is $12 extra per order.

Payment by by paypal only to an_fisher at Any questions about your order can also be sent to my email.

To order, please leave a comment to this post. I will confirm your order after you place it. Or, you can order directly via paypal.

Paypal method:

1)Log into paypal.

2)Click on "send money"

3)Enter the email address in the To: form.

4)Enter the amount of your order (in $USD) and select "Goods: other" as the type of item.

5)Enter "Tenimyu goods" in the subject line.

6)Enter your order in the "Comments" box. Please include the number of goods, the name of the school and the character.

7)Send and confirm.

8)Paypal will automatically send you a confirmation of payment.

Deadline for all orders is August 1, 2009. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have.
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