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Harry Potter:

Things That Change (Parts 22-26) H/D (mpreg) NC17
After Hogwarts, everything changes. (23 759)

In Res Media H/D NC17
Harry follows Malfoy around. Takes place in res media of HBP. (2000)

A Wave in Windless Water H/D NC17 (I suck at titles, ne?)
Harry, Hermione, and Ron work together in Godric's Hollow to find and destroy Voldemort's horcruxes. With the unexpected arrival of Draco Malfoy, Harry has the burden of both the horcruxes and new worries weighing him down. (57 488- however, since it was written in full in fall 2005, I won’t count it in the 2006 wordcount)


Unsaid Octavian/Ocatavia, MA/everyone, Caesar/Rome, NC17ish
Octavia leaves many things unsaid. (1798)

Prince of Tennis:

TezuRyo Drabble (177) G

A Game of Another Sort TezuRyo R
Tezuka learns to play a game of another sort. (5300)

20 Facts About Mizuki Hajime Yuuta/Mizuki implied, Rish
20 facts about Mizuki Hajime. (900)

TezuRyo Drabble (374) PG? (Shower-related)

SanaYuki Drabble (534) R?

Quicken to Silver (Parts 1-34) Ohtori/Shishido (Silver Pair) NC17 Currently still in progress, not abandoned or anything
In which time passes and people change and drift, but there is always tennis. (100 913)

You Jump, I Jump, Right? Gakuto/Oshitari (Dirty Pair) Rish
Gakuto and Yuushi after the Nationals. (2100ish)

Glory Days (Yukimura/Sanada) NC17
Sanada aims for the Nationals. And more... (38 000)

And All Things [Not So] Nice Yagyuu/Niou PG
In which Niou has an idea and Yagyuu is blackmailed. (3400)

Shinji, Kamio Drabble (527) G

Untitled Hyoutei Crack-uen Gakuto/Oshitari, Jiroh/Atobe, Ohtori/Shishido, Hiyoshi/Girls NC17
Ah, the Hyoutei regulars drink some really bad sportsdrinks. Possibly part of a series. zomg. (3699)

Fukubuchou Fucks Up (Parts 1-3) Various pairings, mostly one-sided Sanada/Yukimura, Yagyuu/Niou, Marui/Girls PG13ish
Ah, the Rikkai regulars consume some sketchy sportsproducts and stuff happens. Part of a [pseudo] series begun with Hyoutei Crack-uen. (5209)

Might Be Found Yanagi/Kirihara NC17
Renji might have found what he doesn't know he has been looking for. (42 000)

Rewind Forward (Parts 1-15) Yagyuu/Niou NC17
Niou, meet Yagyuu. (81 298)

Chitose Drabble (342) G

TezuRyo Drabble (70) PG? (Stumpyness)

TezuRyo + Momo Drabble (94) G (Battery hatch)

Letters from Momoshiro (458) PG (I hate MomoKai)

+ bits of Sanayuki 2.0 (5035)

Ouran High School Host Club:

Payment Kyouya/Haruhi Rish
In which Haruhi owes Kyouya. Or not. Mostly just be indulging a preferred pairing of mine. In really bad writing. (1411)

Total Number of Fics: A lot. 24, including BBB and drabbles.

Total 2006 Wordcount: 319 398


I swear I do more than sit on my ass and write. Honest.

Favourite: I am biased right now and will say the three ginormous Rikkai fics, because I love love love writing the team.

The Best: Things That Change. Probably. I still get reviews for this piece, even almost a year later. The most touching reviews are always from people who swore they loathed mpreg, then decided to give my fic a chance and changed their perceptions about what the genre could be and do. This took me four years before I finally caved and wrote it, and I really put a lot of effort into making it exactly the way I wanted it.

Most underappreciated by the universe: Rewind Forward. No one likes D1 except fans of, well, D1. That, and I got frustrated with people saying, among other things, “I can’t wait to read this” and then slithering off into the bowels of…wherever they happened to slither off to- Inuiland, maybe. :P

Most fun to write: 20 Things About Mizuki Hajime- I love writing Mizuki, I do. He’s so messed up inside and slick like the grease-pole, but also kinda sludgy. And I think deep-down he’s lonely and bitter and very angry and very very jealous. As well as being very gay. ;)

Sexiest: Glory Days? Seriously, nothing is better, imo, that superseme Yukimura. Actually having sex. Actually having sex and being healthy. No wonder Sanada cannot resist!

"Holy crap, that's wrong even for you": Fukubuchou Fucks Up, although most things I write are very wrong. I love mpreg. I love genderswitch. I love torturing Sanada. (They say you hurt the ones you love…;)

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Might Be Found- before that, I really didn’t like Yanagi much or even care about now. Now, I like him a lot. &hearts

Hardest to do: Quicken to Silver tennis stuff. Maybe that is why I haven’t written more recently, because the tennis I planned out is very hard to write, it’s very hard to even imagine and it’s frustrating for various reasons.

Biggest disappointment: A Wave in Windless Water- it goes to show why you should title fics with the first few letters of the alphabet if you want people to read them. And obviously, I still fail at doing that. *facepalms*

Biggest surprise: How much I love writing Niou-POV in Rewind Forward.

Most telling: My untitled Chitose drabble, maybe. Angst is always telling for me. Or angsty moments, at least. When I write them, I dig my claws into my own skin and then burrow, not the other way around.

Plans for 2007:

Probably not going to happen. I’m more or less finished with HP fic, unless I get struck dumb on the head with something. And in that case, probably the most likely is Draco/Hermione.

This depends on if and how I may be inspired by season two. Octavian is fun to write, I know that much. I could see myself writing something from the Atia faction-side POV, or possibly miserable Brutus stuff. We’ll see.

Gakuen Heaven:
I want to write Omi/Kaoru eventually, and maybe Kazuki/Keita. I just have no ideas is all, although the fandom would be easy enough to write since the characters have no real defined characterizations, so I could manipulate them to my heart’s content.

Prince of Tennis:
Despite a lot of blah amongst my flist, I still enjoy writing for this fandom and I love love love the canon. In 2007, I want to finish Rewind Forward and Quicken to Silver. I want to write more in the verse of Fukubuchou Fucks Up- this is more a pet project, however. A few people have heard about my idea and if more people knew, fandom would stone me. Sanada will, for sure. But I love my idea for it, I do. It’s my ultimate kink in fic. And I love the pairing, too.

I want to write more of and finish my second SanaYuki (well, more like Yukimura/Sanada) fic- no, I have never posted any of this on LJ before, so everyone but one person has never read a word of it.

I want to write Yuuta/Mizuki. I love this ship. I have an idea for them I’d love to write one day.

I kinda want to write Jiroh/Atobe. Maybe. I won’t say too much on this. I don’t even know which POV I’d prefer to write with this pairing. Maybe Atobe because I have a harder time understanding my interpretation of Jiroh from canon, or at least, how he might think.

I want to write my interpretation of the Golden Pair. [ profile] pixxers told me I must title it Taste My Beautiful Cancer. I still need to think of a more concrete idea before I write anything, however.

I want to write Kenya/Zaizen (or Zaizen/Kenya?). It will be titled The Cousin from Kansai (Or, 80 Days in Tokyo). I have an idea, my only issue is that I don’t want to start anything until at least the doubles one game against Shitenhoji starts because I feel that my characterization of Zaizen in particular is shaky. Also, I’d like to have lots of Kura in this fic because he’s awesome. And the Dirty Pair, too. I like Oshitari. And I like Gakuto. And I like them watching Titanic together.

I want to write Chitose/Tachibana. I more or less have a vague idea of what to write- a starting point, at any rate. I just haven’t started anything yet. It will be angsty and full of bad metaphors, I do know that much.

I wouldn’t mind writing the Idiot Couple, either. And I do have an idea for them- it’s not funny or over-the-top. It’s serious and miserable and reminds me a bit of Rewind Forward in some aspects. I definitely think there is huge potential to make Koharu and Yuuji humanized and interesting and sympathetic characters. Besides, I like them. :P

Occasionally, I also have passing ideas to write Higa. I love Kite. Poor bugger. He needs more love. So does his team. Oh, Eishirou….:(

I also have very occasional hankering to write Inui/Kaidoh fic from Kaidoh-POV. It would probably blow hard, however, because I like too much porn in my fics. Although, writing Kaidoh-POV might let me get some of my strongly anti-MomoKai frustrations out in fic…

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