May. 27th, 2006

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1. Convinced the mother to pay for more Red Bull for me, letting her assume it was strictly for nightshifts at work. *shifts eyes*

2. I finished A Song of Wind and Trees and feel rather...ambivalent about it. Like nothing really happened yet should have and Gilbert really irks me. That said, the poetry and atmosphere was very nice.

3. I have a bunch of books and some DVDs to get rid of. Titles coming when I get around to it. I need space, mostly, and will never touch these things again, so...yeah.

4. I feel lonely with no Sanayuki to work on anymore. And with work, my ficcing skillz time management is going down the drain because it's harder to concentrate when work looms on the horizon. I must persevere, however.

5. I had a bizarre review off for something from four years ago posted there:
i love this story. please could you write some more? if you do please send it to me

Now, I love feedback, but this reviewer is effing lazy. Get off your ass and google my authorname, duh, and you'll find shit all around. I have better things to do than to link you around and hold your hand in fandom.

6. [ profile] shikishi was asking for icons, so I have some I've made a couple days and today. Mostly Rikkai and Hyoutei, with a couple Seigaku and Shitenhoji for kicks.

19 Icons )

7. Sisters and mother are going hunting tomorrow at the barn for the kitties orphaned on Thursday. Mother is skeptical they are still living, but I am ever the optimist. Here's hoping they find them and bring them to our house. It would be amusing if there were lots, just because it would irk my father but how can you say no to orphaned kitties. That, and Charlie died, so...

Now, I want to write some SP and think about YanaKiri. Maybe. And go to bed late, since I work tomorrow night. Mrf.



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